NDH pre-release devlog #6

Man there's gonna be some good stuff real soon just you wait and see.

New Stuff:
Added a new feature to the telemetry: Camera tracking!
Now I can see where my players were looking as they were playing. This makes it much easier to work out why people go to certain places and what draws their attention. I can also follow them around in real time to get a clearer idea of the lighting and terrain conditions from their point of view.

This also let's me see whether players are looking at the world using the first-person view or not, which was impossible to determine previously.

This week I tried getting my game to run on my other laptop. I've checked that it works across platforms previously (which revealed some really strange  graphical differences) but this time I wanted to see the differences between two same-OS machines. I played around on my old mac laptop and for some reason the entire telemetry and scene-transition code just... wasn't present... in the entire build. Except... that it was? Because it was the same build I was using on my other computer? Extremely bizarre. And the solution (true to unity-form) was simply to write a small script that checked to see if the debug script was working and show a visual queue if that wasn't the case. After building the error did not return true and everything just... worked. So.,, cool. I love game development. Very good.

Coming Soon/Thoughts:
Bus! Or tram? Or train? Or... thing? I'm working on designs for the transition method (which I've decided will be some kind of public-transport-looking thing) to try and make its purpose clear, but also feel as though it is a part of the world I am building. I've been tossing up having a tram/train-looking thing that was a little bit insect-like (maybe like a big centipede or sth) but I am uncertain as to whether that is too aggressively Ghibli-esque and not in line with the mood that I have established elsewhere. We'll have to wait and see.

Also this week has been kinda flat-out. It's my last week of my degree and I'm just, ready to stop. But I can't; I've got about 5+ different events to organise for and many of them require new and updated builds.
I'm beginning to feel a little close to this project, but I think that's mainly because I keep having to come back to it after I've finished work for all my other classes rather than because I really want to work on it. I think with a little space and some more free time I'll be able to settle back into actually enjoying developing for this without thinking that I could be spending my time more effectively on other classes. Over the holidays I might make some smaller, more contained projects; I can feel a hundred different ideas vying for my attention at the moment and I don't want to burn myself out on the same project twice.

Anyway, the slowness and brevity of updates will hopefully ease up in the next week or so, when I'll be able to dedicate more time without feeling guilty.

cya then.

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