NDH pre-release devlog #4

This week I added "occupants" (NPCs) to my level which means that I can finally start making my spaces feel alive! I also made some quality-of-life tweaks and tested my new telemetry code in the wild! Oh yeah and I added a title screen for my playtesters. Very productive this week!

New Stuff:
Title screen!

I made this lumpy buddy:

(he likes his personal space, so don't bump into him!)

And this noodle!

(he's too big to be bothered by something as small as you)

(what a view!)

I like them a lot. (I won't be showing every creature I make from now on, because I want some of them to be a surprise, but I might still show one or two that I particularly like)

I tweaked my camera code and the angle for throwing the orb (previously the orb was the best way to get around, in terms of speed, and I didn't like that because it is also the most boring way to get around), so now the orb can be thrown higher, and the camera will track its position while it is close to you, making jumps easier to perform.

I fiddled around with some other code but most of it is pretty boring and not important.

Coming Soon/Thoughts: (I'm combining these two sections because they usually overlap in some way)
More buddies! Now that I've developed the tools to make these two, I can make quite a variety of different creatures without too much new code. They're really fun to make too, because I don't need to mess around in animation programs to get them to behave the way I want.

Music! And sounds... I've been thinking lots about my soundscape recently, but I'm still not sure what direction to go in [which app to use]. Up until now I've been using BFXR to make all my sounds, and it's been great, but I don't think it'll work for all the sounds I want. That and I'm still unsure about what I should be using to make music! I haven't really made much in the way of music in the past, but I know I want to do it (at least some of it) for this project.

I'm also thinking of adding a proper title screen, with a menu and everything. As I intend to show this game at festivals and conventions etc, I don't really want to have people reading through a long list of instructions in some external document, but at the same time I feel like I want to adhere to my "no text" rule, but maybe that's silly and doesn't apply to menus. I dunnno.

Anyway that's what I'm up to atm.


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